Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 91

Flying to Kansas this morning was COOOOLD. The heater in the plane wasn't working on the leg to Denver. I was so glad to get off that plane.

When I got to Wichita, to my surprise, my friends Charlene and Larry were there waiting to pick up someone. I was so glad to see them. I have missed my Wichita friends. (Charlene and I share the same birthday)

Practically from the time i got off the plane my phone didn't stop ringing. I had a list a mile long to accomplish in the few short hours I was here. 3 banks, dry cleaners, post office, drop off Toka at our friends house, (Thanks guys, you ROCK!) grocery store, laundry for John, our clinic and about 10 other places. I didn't get the software fixed. That will have to be another day.

To my great surprise our friends, Byron and Susan along with Dave and Yvette, invited us to a fish barbecue. The time we spent with them was so fun. We have known Byron and Susan for 9 years and count them among our best friends. Dave and Yvette are new friends to us. So fun getting to know them better.

I was able to speak with Nicole on the phone for about 5 minutes today and I received an update on her also. PT went very well. 4 hours today. 2 am, 2 pm. I think that is a lot of her but I have to trust they know best. She is really liking eating. Her favorite is MILK, of course and next mashed potatoes. She could probably live on both of those items if someone would let her.

At 10 o'clock pm John and I started our trek west. John started driving first but that only lasted until we arrived in Salina. I begged to drive. I just wanted him to sleep so I could sooner then later. While I was driving I listened to the movie FLY WHEEL. If you haven't watched it you need to BUY it. Don't even rent it because you will want to watch it again and again. I love the director. It is a low budget film, 20 thousand, but the values are so great. He is also responsible for Fireproof and Facing the Giants. They too are wonderful.

At some point int eh trip to UT before John slept we had a planning session on what we are going to do with the hospital. We have a meeting on Monday with an administrator as well as a noon meeting with the Dr's. I think John will be unloading both barrels and I will be there with extra ammunition. We have had to fight bureaucracy before and we have won so I don't think we are afraid of this fight.

It is 29 degrees. BUUUURRRRR

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