Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our Christmas Party

Each year, John and I give wonderful nuts to John's family members. It is reminiscent of when John was growing up and his Aunt Dora would give the family See's Candy and Nuts for Christmas. He loved that tradition. A few years ago he decided he would pick up that tradition and carry it on. Although this year no nuts were given.

This year for the Carlston Christmas party we invited, drum roll please, JON SCHMIDT to play for us in a private concert.

What a pleasure he was. So amazing. I can't even tell you what a joy it was to sit 3 feet from him and have him play all my favorite songs and new ones that will be my favorites.

Nicole's favorite is Waterfall. He played it 3 times for her.

He played another song upside down. What a feat!

Jon told us the story of a new song called, "Thank You". It is for all the soldiers. He played it first for the families of troop over seas and dedicated it to them. Tonight Christian asked him to dedicate it on film to his friend serving in Iraq and play it again for him. It was more amazing the second time.

If you have never seen him in concert, I strongly recommend that you do. He is so awesome. So personable, so many fun stories.

Our little niece, Lola, sang a song with him. So stinkin' cute.

We couldn't have had a better night. I hope you enjoy the pictures.


Sarah Carlston said...

I am still bitter! I am a Carlston and just found out about this party for the Carlstons AFTER it happened! I feel so unloved! J/K...Just wish I could have been there! But glad you all enjoyed it!

Dianne Weeks said...

What a fun party! We all love Jon Schmidt too! One time our Heather was playing one of the beautiful grand pianos at Riverton Music, and when she walked out of the room Jon was standing there and really complimented her! She asked him to autograph her purse :)
So glad Nicole is doing so well. She looks beautiful in the pictures!! Much love to you all. XOXOXOXOOX