Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Angi vs. Snow Drift

I wish I would have had my camera today when I went out VERY EARLY to go to Wal-Mart.

Snow has been falling from the sky since yesterday. We went out last night and it didn't seem too bad so out I went today braving the elements to get a prescription for Nicole.

I cleaned off the Durango so I would have 4-wheel drive. In I got, strapped my seat belt on and backed out of the drive way. Dawn was making its way to the valley, the temperature only 19 degrees. Around the corner and down the hill I went. Slowly I thought but as I reach the middle of the hill I loose traction. I am picking up speed, faster, I see a house at the bottom of the hill and hope I don't plow right through the front door.

Luckily, just as I near the bottom I am able to turn the wheels and they respond. The Durango turns sideways and promptly lands up on the sidewalk, 1 foot from a tree, buried in a snow drift. AKA: Snow plow regurgitation.

No one is answering our phone at home. I am sure they are all in dreamland where I wish I was at this very moment. 2 men stopped to render help but they realized very soon they were unable to unbury the beast. My next phone call, my wonderful roadside assistance program. To the rescue they came. Quickly too! 20 minutes later I was out of the snow but not on my way. I had blown the front left tire in the process. I cannot catch a break.

I am now running on my spare. Tonight I will purchase new tires for the front and get an alignment. All will be better tomorrow, especially if the snow has stopped.


Sarah Carlston said...

Glad you are safe! Sorry you had to go through that! Scary..

Angi said...

If you were there we probably would have laughed through the whole thing. It wasn't scary it was frustrating. I have no time for such things.