Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 154

Still on a high from last nights Christmas party with Jon Schmidt. I have listened to his music more today. I just love his new CD, 'Bonus Tracks'. Awesome. I tried to upload a video of Jon playing last night but after 2 hours it still wasn't done so I gave up.

Nicole is progressing again. She is working hard to get her left arm to bend more. Each day she works so hard to stretch the skin on the elbow so she will be able to use it more. It is amazing how much we use each joint. Try getting dressed without using your elbow or cooking. Or so many other things. Every joint is important.

Having Nicole home is like having a toddler again. So many things she cannot do for herself. When the kids were very small I was so busy just trying to keep up with the things that needed to be done around the home, laundry, cooking, cleaning, just taking care of the day to day things. I may have to go back to napping when she does to just keep my strength up. Mostly because I am up a few times in the night and then up early.

Tonight, John and I took Nicole to Temple Square to see the lights. We wrapped her up tight with several blankets as well as layers of clothing. We took the wheel chair for her to ride in which not only helped her to be able to enjoy the activity but also help us to enjoy it by her not getting too tired.

We love Temple Square in the winter. The square is magical. The lights are so beautiful. So many man hours it takes to make it all beautiful for everyone else to enjoy. Thank you to all the grounds men who do that for us each year. Do you ever wonder how many hours it takes or how many lights are up.

There are 300,000 lights, 2000 potted poinsettias, 500 poinsettia trees. Most of the poinsettias are in the visitor centers as well as the conference center.

We hope your holiday season is shaping up quite nicely.

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