Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day 183

I see her cute face smiling through brave tears. So many times since Nicole has been home she has put on a brave face. Not knowing sometimes if her day will be a good one or bad. Wanting all days to be good but it is a day to day sometimes minute by minute schedule.

Today is one of the minute by minute days. It actually started 2 nights ago. So many things going on at once. Skin pain, head pain, stomach aches, nausea just to name a few.

I know this journey is hard on her, hard on all of us. She is very kind and respectful of my time and the caring of her. She is so careful to not ask for too much with me telling her that is what mommies are for.

I lay next to her, rub her arm, kiss her forehead and pray. I pray for a good day today. I pray for strength for all of us to endure. Maybe endure isn't the right word. Endure sounds like this is a chore. Serving is a blessing. We are serving one another. Right now I am serving her. Another day she will be serving me and others too.

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