Saturday, December 12, 2009

My First Born

My first born, a son
Quiet, gentle, strong
His huge paws, his dimpled cheek
His laugh continues on

His growing stature
His quick mind
His loving heart
Of which is kind

Many hours of each day
Watching out for those you love
The seeds of peace planted in your heart
Keeps you close to the one above

He quietly studies those around him
In his knowing way
Watching others make mistakes
Vowing to make the path great

A vet, an architect
a designer, 10 second racer
restaurant owner, baker
rancher, father

All vocations in his head
How do you choose, my son
Contemplating many hours
Knowing the battle will be won

Your life has not been easy
Challenges have found your door
Your spirit has been guided
Your heart has been gently mended

I wish for you, my son, each day
Your life be one filled with true happiness
To accomplish many great things in life
The ones you dream about, breathless

You are my hopes and dreams
You are my shining star
You are every breath I take
You, my son, are loved

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