Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day 164

With Nicole home I find it difficult to blog each day. Many things need to be done to attend to her needs as well and all the other things needed to take care of a household.

Usually the morning routine is the same, wound care, PT, stretching, laundry (you would not believe the amount of laundry I do each day). Currently there are many things that interrupt my day. Christmas activities, trying to find needed things in the boxes that have not been unpacked. Although I don't know what I need until the second I need it.

I am gathering my recipes together for our annual holiday baking. Our friend Suzie is coming to bake with me. Snicker doodles, pumpkin bread, pineapple cookies, fudge, toffee, chocolate pretzels, spiced nuts. Who could asked for more? My usual helper (Nicole) will be mostly watching this year. I am glad for her company though. Christian will be helping to. He loves to bake as do I.

It is beautiful out today. A few inches of very dry snow found its way to my yard. I left early to grocery shop so I could stay in the rest of the day. except of course snow blowing the drive way. Then it will be hot cocoa with these darling snowmen marshmallows.

We did find out that Christian's heart is randomly stopping. He is having other tests this week. He is a new project for the doctor. I hope he is a good project manager. One who will get the job done. At least we are not at a stand still.


Nikki said...

Can I come bake? I love to do it around Christmas time, but I would be the only one eating it and being 7 months pregnant I have a good excuse but it would be way more fun to do it with you!!!

How terrible for Christian, but at least they know something and have somewhere to start from now.

Angi said...

Nikki, please bake with me. We would have so much fun. Laughing and singing. I can hear it now. Think of all the goodies you could be delivering to your neighbors and friends.

I am sure the doctors will figure Christian out. They just need ot find the right road map. Not one that lead to Muskogee but one that leads to him.

I miss you. I hope all is well with you. Your kids are getting so big. Darling.