Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 159

I guess I am not going back to Utah today. Wichita had a small ice storm and there is a winter warning for all of KS, CO, and WY today. I will try to venture out again tomarrow.

Last night we were invited to our 12th reading of "Forgotton Carols" at our friends, Mike and Linda's home. For 13 years, we have gathereed there, with Teresa and Tim (always) and a few others here and there. This year Lisa and Todd joined us. We each bring gooodies to eat as well as hot cocoa or hot cidar. We take turns reading a chapter each. Mike has it all down. He knows exactly when to start the music so the song start right on que.

We love being invited to participate with them each year. What a great way to start the season. Thank you everyone for making my holiday season start out right. It was so good to see everyone and share that spirit with you.

Each day Nicole works hard on her PT to gain more mobility. It is paying off I can tell. Little increments here and there. Int eh long run it will mkae her life better.

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