Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 182

When I was a child I wondered what kind of mother I would be or even if I would be blessed to be one at all. I mothered children in out little neighborhood. If someone fell down and I was around I would race to them to see if they were OK. I would walk them home and hold their hand while they were cleaned up and sent on their way.

I learned many things from mothers in our neighborhood including my own mother. I learned compassion, love, diligence and service. I also learned what I didn't want to be. Some mothers just brushed their children off, or sometimes they were snobby to other people in the neighborhood family. I wanted to be welcoming, loving and serving.

I wanted our children to know they could bring anyone home and they would be part of the family. A few days ago I realized that was a reality. A friend of Christians facebooked me. He told me of all the wonderful memories he had being in our home. How welcoming we always were. How much love he felt in our home and toward him. Now that is a reward.

Now as an adult of adult children I wonder what kind of influence I have been in their lives. I ponder today how they have been touched. How many lessons they learned and will carry on in the future. How their upbringing will mold their children. My hope is for each of my children is they will love without measure. They will look to the inside of a person and really see who they are and love that person.

My hope for each person is the same. Love one another, lift their burdens even if it is with a smile or a wave. You will be surprised what greatness you will be part of.

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