Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 165

I had a break down yesterday. I felt as if the mountain was too high to climb. So many things were bogging me down. I even grumped at John last night. Christian tried to make things better by inviting me out for a while. I was grateful to get out into the world for a few hours but when I came home the bog was still there. John started texting me to grump back but when he found out why I was acting that way he got after me for not enlightening him as to what was really happening. It is hard to unload my woes to him when he is trying so hard to hold it together from afar. I did feel better after my long cry on his distant shoulder. We prayed together for a better day and said good night.

I love Sundays. I especially love to go to church. Being there renews my spirit for the week. Today I woke to the eerie sound of the snowplow growling up the street. My heart sunk. All the snow blowing yesterday was for nothing. I looked out the window and saw an 18 inch wall of snow blocking my driveway. How am I going to get out today. My snow blower only eats 5 inches at a times. As I am shoveling my steps and walk I find the snow is laden with water. I am not sure I will be able to get us out in time for church.

When I return to our cozy home I resign myself to knowing I will not be attending church today. I turn on 100.3. Beautiful sounds stream through my home. Christian music soothes my soul.

Nicole and I made Chex mix and we along with Christian wrapped some Christmas presents. With the soft glow of the Christmas tree and the fire burning, the Christmas spirit filled the air. My attitude is better today. I am sure it is because it is Sunday. There is no room for a bad attitude on Sunday.

I was contemplating how I was going to get our driveway unplugged. How to get it done with a good attitude and today so I can take Nicole to her appointments tomorrow. I took the garbage outside and to my utter surprise my drive way was already cleared. Across the street there were men clearing the drive way there too. I was so happy and grateful for the service I have again received. Thank you to all who helped. I am not sure all who were there but I do know my home teacher, Tom was. Thank you.

Our friend Shelley came by tonight on her way home from Idaho. So good to see her. She spent quite a while visiting with Nicole. It raised Nicole's spirits. We love having old and new friends stop by. Thank you for your time.


Leesa said...

I'm glad your day got better. :)

Nikki said...

Sorry you had such a bad day. You are handling things so well and have done so for so long, if you want to be grouchy, then by all means, you can be Love you Angi!