Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day 158

We are in Wichita. The roads were icy and snowy,so teh drive was slow and laborous. Nicole was such a trooper.

I love to watch the snow drift across the road like a painter swooshing white dusty paint on a canvas. It doesn't make for the best driving conditions, but, the scene is something out of a Christmas card. I half expected to look over and see a sleigh gliding along next to us. No sleigh, although we saw several fox. Beautiful.

Our family is learning many new things. The day to day dealings one with another has changed. Sometimes I think we are cautious, other times it is breathless. It can be calculating, too. I guess we are learning the new family dynamics. No longer are the roles 'normal'. Dad, the bread winner, mom, the homemaker, brother, the jock, sister, the pretty one. Actually we never had those roles. I wish we did sometimes.

Today is another day of the rest of our lives. Each day is a blessing. Eash day is a God send. Each day I wake up and thank God we have another day together. It isn't easy, but what is. I know only that is is worth it.

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