Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 153

Today Nicole and I went to the University of Utah today to get supplies. When we got there they surprised us with Nicole's vest, pants and gloves. As far as pressure garments are concerned they are pretty cute. Chocolate brown with lime green stitching. So stinkin' cute.

They are so hard to put on because they are SO tight. I think it took 20-25 minutes to get the vest on and the shirt. But what we found was the vest is too long and the arms are too tight. The pants are about 4 inches too long and the torso is also about 3 inches to tall. Good thing they can be adjusted.

We kept the vest to try it for a few days but after last night for sure it will need to be fixed. The arms were so painful for her. We too tight in the arm holes. We put some foam there to try to help the tightness or at least make it feel better but that didn't help at all.

I am getting worn out. I found myself being snippy yesterday and very snippy and grumpy today. The balancing act isn't working this week. Clinic, PT, wound care, Thanksgiving parties and Christmas parties, decorating, seeing the lights. I am worn out just thinking about it. When John goes back to Kansas things will slow down some I hope. Although I am sure other things will come to the foreground and present itself.

We are going to a Christmas party tonight. Stay tuned for the details. I am so excited.

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