Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 160

Today, Nicole and I were in Wal-Mart. She was rifing one of the electric wheelchairs. I was pushing a cart. She started yelling. I turned around and her left hand was scratching her head. SHe was so excited and so was I. Her left arm has been the one that doesn't bend well and hurts so much. I was amazed. She told me it was just an automatic response to scratch her head. WOW!

PT has paid off.

Wichita had an ice storm over night. Not bad but it made driving a bear. Rrrrr. I needed to get a few errands finished so I had to be out in it. Too cold, too windy, to everything. Then later it started to snow. I can't catch a break.

Jo and Alex accompanied us to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. So good to see them. They have really taken care of John since I have been gone. Many dinner invitations have been extended. Thanks guys. You are loved.

Need to get the last items ready to be able to leave tomorrow. I hope it isn't too bad of weather.

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