Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 175

I can't believe so many days has gotten away from me. The days before the holidays seem to just fly by. Busily getting ready for Christmas without John here has been a task but one I believe I attended to quite nicely. Putting the last touches on our home and wrapping the gifts. I love to watch the presents grow around the fireplace, glittering in the twinkling lights of the tree.

This year Christian chose 3 families to help out this season. One, the father is in Iraq. That one is special to him because he knows the family. He actually had Jon Schmidt dedicate a song to him, that he wrote. Christian captured Jon playing the song on video which he sent to him in Iraq. The song is about the soldiers and what they do for us. It was awesome. Christian is very generous. If he can help a situation he will. He doesn't like to see others go with out when he has so much. I think he would give the shirt off his back sometimes.

Nicole and I have been busy with her PT. She is coming along quite well. She is making great strides in mobility and strength. She opened her first bottle of Gatorade yesterday. RED LETTER DAY for her. Each new thing she accomplishes is just like watching a toddler doing something for the first time. We do a lot of high fives. I record her smile in my mind to keep forever.

Tonight, We went to John's sister Anne's home for 'Little Christmas Eve'. We call it that because each family has grown so much and they have established many traditions of their own on Christmas Eve, yet they still want to do the regular traditions of their youth. Reenacting the Nativity is a highlight. Food is never far away also. John's family is very close, especially the sisters.

Not long after arriving I actually had to leave to catch a plane to Denver to meet up with John and finish the drive to UT together. I don't mind the drive and I love to be able to spend that extra time with John just one on one.

The roads in Kansas and Colorado are very bad. For a while the 70 was closed and the 80 also. I am siting at the airport currently waiting for him to arrive. When I talked to him an hour ago he was still 4 hours away. He said the roads were very icy and lots of drifting snow. Waiting in the Denver airport seems to be my M O. I have been stranded here a few times. I guess I am not actually stranded just waiting with many other people who can't get out because their destinations are closed. At least I know my ride will be here sooner than later.

As I sit here listening to the Christmas music echoing in the deserted corridors, my mind turns to the movie, The Terminal. I can't imagine that guy living in the airport. Not only having to eat airport food but the loneliness of this place. Cold, uninviting, noisy. I am grateful for a warm home that is inviting, a family who loves me and I love them, food that is as welcoming as the sun rising over Timpanogus and the gospel that keeps me grounded.

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Leesa said...

Ahh! Stuck in Denver again! I'm sorry I'm not there to keep you company! Miss you! Merry Christmas Eve. :)