Saturday, December 12, 2009


As I was snow blowing the driveway I was contemplating all the things I am grateful for. The list is growing longer and longer.

At times when I am alone and it is dark outside I just want to reach over and lay my arm on John's warm body. I realize at this time of my life that is not possible as often as I wish and then I thank God that I may not have him at that moment but he is mine in this life and in the next. He is in a warn bed 1000 miles away and in a few days or weeks we will see each other again.

I am grateful that my children are able to share time with me. They both may not be as healthy as they want at this time but I can talk with them, laugh with them, steal a hug, see a smile be warmed by their lives.

What great joy children bring to me. Through trials, heart ache, vacations, tears of joy and sorrow the joy is there each and every day.

I am not one to want to do yard work or shovel snow but I am grateful I can do those things. I have a strong and healthy body. I am able to do many things. I am a fighter. God knew me well when he sent me here to earth with a strong will and and a mind of my own. He knew I would need it. He knew there would be many times in my life when I would have to stand on my own two feet. He made me strong.

I am grateful for our neighbors and friends. I am grateful for friendly smiles, waves and nods as you drive by. It warms the heart to know there are those around us that care, that know you exist. I am grateful when I see a neighbor helping another neighbor.

I am grateful for sister-in-laws who get online and IM me, listen to my woes and love me anyway.

I am grateful for little things. Mini candy canes at the bank, free Cafe Rio, marzipan, birds foraging in the bushes, the smell of home made bread.

Life is good!

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