Thursday, June 3, 2010

Special Needs Girls Camp

I am grateful for the programs Nicole is able to participate in since moving to UT. One of those programs is Special Needs Mutual. Today the girls from Special Needs Mutual are going to Girls Camp. They are camping at Mutual Dale in American Fork Canyon.

Girls Camp is an amazing opportunity for girls to get together. It is a time for bonding, testimony building, crafting, hiking, campfires, testimony meeting, building friendships.

The leaders put forth such effort on the girls behalf.

Nicole was nervous and excited to go. Of course she had been to camp before but she has not spent the night away since the fire. We both were apprehensive. As soon as Nicole arrived at the church most of her anxiety went away. She saw many friends there and her YW pres. said Nicole could sleep right next to her. Both of us felt so much better. So away I went to go climb Timpanogus with Liz. (that will be another post)

When I arrived home to pick up Liz, Nicole had called because she forgot her pillow. Of course I will bring it to her. (only because it is on my way to Timp)

So much fun to see her enjoying herself at camp. When I arrived she was making a pillow and eating Red Vines. They girls had been on a hike already, too. Next up was to make a shoe bag, a leather bracelet and a headband. It looks like things are under control here. Nicole has a huge smile on her face. I am glad she is having so much fun.

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