Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is one of the most amazing structures not only of its time but this era too. To build the dam the Colorado River had to be moved. Moved you say, How can that be?

Two cofferdam needed to be constructed. Construction of the upper cofferdam began in September, 1932, even though the river had not yet been diverted. A temporary horseshoe-shaped dike protected the cofferdam on the Nevada side of the river. After the Arizona tunnels were completed, and the river diverted, the work was completed much faster.

The cofferdams, rock barrier, and diversion tunnels were all completed before the spring floods of 1933. The engineers watched nervously to see if the dams would hold. They did, and the diversion tunnels easily handled the flood waters. The work of actually building Hoover Dam could begin.

It took over 21,000 people to build this dam.

Nicole was too tired to come with us to see the dam. So we left her resting in the vehicle. Sometimes a nap a better then the site. I know it is for her.

If you haven't been to Hoover Dam before or haven't been in a while you may not recognize this picture.

It is the Hoover Dam bypass. This bridge has been in construction for several years to divert traffic off the bridge. For the many people who have never driven across the Hoover Dam, that activity will be a thing of the past in the near future.

When you go across the bridge each side is in a different time zone. Christian is standing by each clock showing the time zones. It's awesome. Have you seen the movie 'A walk to remember'? She stands in two places at once. Well not only did we stand in two places at once but also was in two time references at once time. What a thought.

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