Friday, June 4, 2010

Girls Camp Continued

Nicole had many amazing experiences. The leaders and youth counselors couldn't be anymore great. They love the girls. They care about them. I love to watch how each one interacts.

After I left Mutual Dale, Nicole hand tooled a leather bracelet. Next she made a shoe bag to put her muddy shoes in. After she made a headband with a rosette sewed on it. Somewhere in there they had lunch and dinner.

I was so happy to see how the girls interacted one with another. the thing that made me the most happy........How happy Nicole looked. I love to see her smile. I love to see her twinkly eyes. I love to see her love others and be loved back. That is the most wonderful feeling in the world.

To know you are not being judged, to know that when someone is helping you they generally want you to succeed. To know that each person at camp loves yo as much as you love them. That is amazing.

As usual, testimony meeting was after dinner around the camp fire. During testimony meeting Nicole was going in to the lodge to get a jacket as she was cold. While walking down the rock stairway she misstepped and hit her head and elbow. Things seemed to be ok but on their way to the lodge Nicole began to seize. She had nine seizures and was taken by ambulance to Utah Valley Reg Hospital. Her YW teacher rode in the ambulance with her and stayed with her until I was able to get there.

After arriving at the hospital and assessing the situation, her youth counselor, the nurse and the YW president all showed up. WOW! I was overwhelmed. They didn't need to come but they did. They love Nicole and cared enough to come all the way to Provo to see how things were going. Thank you Heavenly Father for meeting the needs of Sweet Nicole. Meeting the needs by calling these wonderful women to serve in Special Needs Mutual.

Nicole was X-rayed and scanned. The damage...A broken left elbow. A cast and instructions and we were on our way home.

The next day we went to the church at the time the girls were to be delivered back. We pulled into the parking lot. Girls were unloading their things and standing around saying their good-byes. As we were spotted our Durango was surrounded by girls and leaders. The special needs girls were grateful that we came. Seeing Nicole help put their minds at ease. The YW leaders were grateful we came also. They were worried all night about how things were going to turn out. Putting their minds at ease was a priority for us.

For all they do for us each week, the love they show our kids, the experiences they give them. Thank you for serving selflessly. Thank you for showing my daughter unconditional love. Thank you for all you do. We love you.

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