Thursday, June 17, 2010

Journey Day 3

Each day is more self discovery. Right now I am working in a group by myself. Last year I went to Journey and didn't finish the whole course. Not that I didn't think that it was good or it would not benefit me but it was more of not feeling like I could share my feelings openly and without being judged. When sharing feeling about yourself we all want to be in a safe place. That didn't happen, mostly because of one person who was goading me and kind of taunting me. Needless to say I left and each time I tried to return I kind of had a panic attack.

I know, you are saying to yourself about now: "That doesn't sound like her." Well, it may not sound like me now but it was me at that time. Today I have to say I feel safe and secure. But I also feel safer working in my own group for right now. It is not exactly the same as being in a group and hearing all they have to say and learning from that but I have had a lot of introspective of my life and where it is going at this time.

I am grateful that i am allowed to work as I need to to gain from this experience what I can. Not everyone would let me work on my own and I may not be getting everything out of it I could but I am learning about myself and am grateful for the knew knowledge I have.

Tonight we went to John's cousins home in Mesa. David and Sheryl opened their home to us. John and Cheri came over also with their children. It was so great to see everyone. David and Sheryl's daughter made a fabulous Lemon Pie from their own lemon tree. So great.

While we were visiting with them, we were speaking of how our children are. When discussing what was going on with Christian we learned that one of the kids there also had the same diagnosis as Christian; Neuro-Cardiogenics Syncope as well as Mitro-valve prolapse. It got me thinking that maybe it is hereditary or is it just coincidence. I will have to investigate this more. Maybe there is something to it. It would be great is there is a study going on at Mayo or Cleveland Clinic that he could get into. Anyone have an idea?

Thanks to our sweet family for thinking about us so far from home to invite us over for an evening of love and enjoyment. We love you guys and wish we didn't live so far from ya'll or you from us. We always love getting together with family.

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