Friday, June 11, 2010

Zions Nat'l Park

Leaving St.George today is bitter sweet. We have had a great time down here and an even better time visiting with Lisa. Thanks so much for letting us crash at your home. It is beautiful.

Headed out to Zions today. One of our most favorite Nat'l Parks. When the kids were little we camped and hiked all through this park. Their first full fledged hike on the own accord was Emerald Pools. They hiked to the very top pool, Christian was 4 and Nicole was 3. What troopers they were.

When you go to the park these days you cannot drive all the way through it like you could before. Now they have these little buses you ride that drop you off at strategically placed spots.

We parked at Zions lodge and caught the bus. First stop was the main visitors center. There you can get an overview of the park, its background and what there is to do at the park. Quite interesting.

Next we rode the bus just around to all the sites without getting off so we could just get a feel for what was happening. Nicole picked up a brochure at the ranger station on horseback riding. From that moment on she was set on riding a horse that day.

When arriving back at the Zion Lodge she made a bee line across the street to the horse corrals so sign up for a ride. No one wanted to go on a trail ride so she was on her own. Come to find out, the people running the trail rides are good friends of our Uncle Burns Black, he owns the Rockin' R Ranch in Antimony, UT. The ride was so great for Nicole. On her adventure they came across a mother dear having a baby in the brush. Very exciting for all who where there.

This is what I found upon returning from getting Nicole on the trail ride. They looked like they were having a great time together.

Nicole's bright smiley face after the trail ride. She was so happy. Especially since she wasn't able to ride horses last year at the ranch. Amazing what a horse wil do to this girl.

We picnicked on the big lawn at the lodge eating wonderful sandwiches on Hotel Utah Rolls, Salad, cut melon and chips. After this adventuresome day a nap was needed.

Before we headed out of the park we walked down the the Virgin River and Liz put her toes in.

On our way back to Lehi we stopped in Springdale to see our friends daughter Megan who is working at a hotel and going to school. It was great to see her.

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