Thursday, June 10, 2010

City of Lights (not Paris)

Las Vegas is one of our favorite places to go. There is so much to do with the strip, Broadway shows, concerts, food, water recreation and seeing friends. What's Vegas without seeing the 'King'

Our family has been to Las Vegas many times although Liz has not been here and she was just like a kid in a candy store. Everything was new and exciting for her.

We saw the lions at MGM, took our pictures in front of the New York, New York hotel and started up the strip on foot. As many of you know there are things you just don't do in Vegas like take cards or pamphlets from those on the street. Unless you want to get an eye full. I can't believe how much more bold they are getting.

The temp in the city today was 118. Talk about HOT. Even I was a little uncomfortable. We hunted for a long sleeved shirt for Nicole so she wouldn't be so overcome with all the sun on her skin. We finally found one in the ABC store, way in the back on clearance! What a find.

The water show at the Bellagio fountain show was just as amazing int he day as it is at night.

Of course we went in also to see the hand blown glass flowers. What a site. The gelato here is also worth devouring.

Shopping at Caesars, Fashions Place, The shops at Venetian and Fremont Street.

Oh, Fremont Street. How we love you. A visit to Vegas is not complete without going to Fremont Street. The vendors, The street musicians, The weirdos, The light show. We love to people watch and this is definitely a great place to do that. In New York City a few years ago we saw a man use spray paint on cardboard to make pictures. At first it just looks like a bunch of nothingness, then amazing pictures appear. We saw a guy here like that. He made a picture for Nicole that looked similar to the Wasatch range. Mountains, trees and a waterfall.

Each week Fremont street has a surprise concert. FREE! No one knows who it will be. You are never going to believe who was playing when we were there.

KISS!!! Now I am not a big KISS fan but WOW. They were awesome. What a concert. It was just for 40 minutes but that will be 40 minutes I won't soon forget.

Of course we had to have the buffet dining experience. We choose World Buffet at the RIO. It has never disappointed us. Although the wait was 70 minutes it was great. Food from all over the world, Americanized of course, but good just the same.

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