Monday, January 4, 2010

Faith Promoting

John and I stopped to get gas at a Love's station in the middle of the night. I ran in to pay for gas and use the restroom. I just had my wallet with me. I sat it on top of the toilet paper holder which I promptly forgot about and left it there. When I got back into the van I just crawled into the back and went to sleep. About 3 hours later I awoke with a start remembering I left my wallet at the gas station.

I called information for the number and was connected. No wallet was turned in. I hung up and said a prayer that who ever had my wallet could please leave it where someone could find it and return it to me. There was quite a bit of cash in it plus my credit cards. I could deal with never seeing that again but I really wanted my drivers license back.

About 10 minutes passed and my phone rang. A phone number from Canada?

Is this Angela Carlston?
This is your home and auto travel company. Did you leave your wallet at a Love's station?
Yes, I did.
Well ma'am. Someone picked it up and they want to return it to you. Here is their phone number.

Holy smokes! Are you kidding? I couldn't believe it.

I called the woman who related this story.

I was sitting in a truck stop waiting for our travel companions to catch up with us. We are tandem running from a conference in Texas to Utah. When our friends arrived one of them had stopped at a Love's station to use the restroom. She went into the stall and saw your wallet. She had every intention of leaving it with the cashier but when she went to the front she felt impressed not to leave it and to take it with her.

When she opened it in the car she saw your drivers license was from Utah and knew I was headed there. She gave it to me to see if maybe I could find you. I opened your wallet to find anything that would help me. That is when I saw your travel card with a phone number, so I called.

I was grateful and elated. She told me she would over night it to me. I asked her to take out some money to pay for it and some for her time and trouble. "I wouldn't hear of that". She said. "I am just glad your wallet landed in the right hands."

The 2 days later my wallet arrived via Fed-Ex. Everything was there including a note from this nice woman.

Can it get better than that? There ARE wonderful people in this world. God is good.


Leesa said...

What an amazing story!!! It's stories like these that help me remember there are still good people out there!

pj said...

Ash left her wallet on the flying J gas pump on her way to take Alyssa to Rexburg and a wonderful Angel took it in to the cashier with everything in tact. I'm grateful for those wonderful people too!!

Tamalee said...

That is so awesome. It gave me shivers. You have so many trials yet God just keeps showing you all these miracles along the way so you know you are LOVED!
Love you!