Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 209

Nicole went to the U today for wound care and to have her open areas checked. Unfortunately, her left shoulder hole is even deeper. Even though we have been packing it for two weeks. Now I will be packing it twice a day to try to stimulate the healing from the inside out.

PT also made her another new splint. This one keeps her left arm at a 135 degree angle. Very uncomfortable but needed to keep that arm stretched out. When she has it on she reminds me of the time when our Schnauzer, Jetta, got stuck on the sticky mousetrap in our kitchen. Her front right leg was stuck on the paper and when she tried to get it off she got the whole thing stuck to the side of her neck. So here she is, right arm stuck to the side of her neck. Sad but funny.

The doctors are not too happy that Nicole and I are going to Kansas next week but I think I can handle anything that comes my way. Christian said, "That doesn't surprise me that you are going. Since when have you always followed the doctors directions to the letter." That was a wake up call. I feel as though I do but sometimes, as a mother, I know what is going to work better.

I need that time with John plus I need to take care of some business in Kansas. Nicole and I are also going to go to Kansas City one day to see Ladd and Sarah and the kiddos. I am so excited for this time. I love spending time with them and Sawyer is getting so big pictures I have seen lately that I feel I am missing out on his growing up. Nicole and Lauren will have some bonding time and Sarah and I will be able to catch up. Can't wait.


Sarah Carlston said...

yay! cant wait to see you!

Angi said...

Me too. I think maybe we should bake and bake and bake. Nicole has a friend in Overland Park. She may want to see her too. She hasn't seem her in about 8 years.

Brandon said...

Sis Carlston!

First off, sorry we have been so bad at getting back in touch with you. We would love to get together sometime. This last week was pretty crazy as we were trying to get everything finished before the baby gets here! This weekend we should have more time though so be expecting a call then.