Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 191

Tuesday Christian and I will be at IMC for more tests. When these are done it will be definitive. Either it is Neuro-Cardiogenics or it isn't. If it is he will be put on new medication which may take a while to regulate and he will be on it the rest of his life.

If the tests come back negative the Cardiologist will look at all the results form all doctors we have been to and then he will decide which way to proceed. A pacemaker might be in the plans although he absolutely will not do it unless he is for sure without a doubt knowing this will solve it. I guess I am grateful we have a doctor that just doesn't jump to an easy fix. Especially when the fix might not be the right one.

At least Christian and I both feel this guy knows what he is talking about and we feel comfortable with him. He doesn't act like he is the end all beat all to doctors.

I feel we are at least going down the right road right now. I hope Christian feels the same way.

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