Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 199

Today, Nicole and I went to the U to have her check up. 5 days post op. Everything looks great except her left arm. The area where they did a flap and double Z-plasty has opened up. Not so big but about the size of a dime and it is about 3/4 inch deep. New tactics we have. I am going to re-dress her each day and take out the packing. Yes, I have to pack it everyday with dressing material. No big deal. At least it doesn't gross me out. I am not sure if anything will anymore.

PT made her a new splint also and even though in theory it should work, it actually is causing more pain and discomfort as well as more spots that are breaking open. Definitely going in the wrong direction. Tomorrow I will go back to the U and get her old splint. Even though it is not the best it is better then this one.

Christian had an eventful evening. After bowling and shooting pool with friends he had many episodes of nearly passing out and even one episode where he was standing up but no one was home. When he came to, his legs just went out from under him and he sat right down on his backside. He said later it felt like someone had a switch connected to him turning it on and off. One second he felt fine then the next he felt like he was on the down side of a roller coaster. Back and forth.

Anyone heard of those symptoms? Too bad he didn't have his monitor on. He needs more pads. I hope when the pads come something like this happens again. Even though I am sure it is scary for him, we need this recorded.

So grateful he was with people who care about him and didn't just send him on his way alone. Thanks Nat and Spencer. Love you guys.

Looking forward to the Sabbath tomorrow. I hope Nicole is able to go and if not she is OK to leave at least for sacrament meeting.

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