Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 192

Robin's egg blue. The sky is finally clear today. It is magical to me when the sky is clear and all there is is blue as far as I can see. It is almost as good as seeing a rainbow after a blustery storm. To me, it screams goodness, mercy, happiness. Happiness, That is really the feeling. Maybe that is why my favorite color is blue. HAPPINESS!

The small things in life are becoming great joys. The baby steps Nicole is taking, some turning into giant leaps. A cup of Mexican hot chocolate in the perfect mug, sitting by the perfect fire. (Any fire is the perfect fire.) Cooking in my kitchen with my kids, laughing and joking. Watching movies snuggled in my favorite blanket, Toka near by always ready for attention. Laying on Christian's bed, listening to his life's dreams. Oh how I love that.

I was reflecting today on just how far we have come in the last year. Not just with Nicole but us as a family. I have fallen just short of my temple attendance goal which I will do better this year. John and I set goals each year on where we want to be at the end of the year, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We certainly have been stretched on these goals this year but that is a good thing. I an not one for resolutions but goals, I am there.

This is my year to go through things and perge, perge, perge. We are going to be lighter, more organized and less cluttered. I already have my list going as to what needs to be done, who is getting donated to, items that for sure are getting donated and by the way, when is the best time to have a garage sale in U?

I can practically drive to the University of Utah with my eyes close. I know just when to get out of the carpool lane in time to catch the belt route. Which lanes seem to run fast then others and what time to leave to miss rush hour.

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4kelligirl said...

I'm so impressed with the progress Nicole has made since she's been home. She really seems to have the desire to be self sufficient again. May Heavenly Father bless you, Nicole, during this next surgery. May He hold you in His arms to comfort you and bring peace to your heart. I love you. Aunt Kelli