Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 193

Today I was asked to speak in church. My topic.....moving forward spiritually in the new year. WOW! What a topic. There are the usual things to do to build our testimonies as well as build our spiritual tanks. Things like prayer, fasting, tithing, service. Even though we so those things day after day sometimes they get monotonous. Okay maybe not monotonous but mundane or passive. I tried to give a different prospective on things we do daily or weekly to help build our spiritual tanks. I felt good about what I presented and can't wait for John to hear it live (when he comes in 2 weeks).

As I was preparing I reflected many times about this past year and how many times I prayed for strength and to be spiritually uplifted and sustained. I was building my spiritual tanks as I was using them. I know I realized at some point last year that is what was happening. If I couldn't build and constantly refill them I think I may be in a total depression now. It is hard to keep them full at all times. Those tanks dip and wane but I needed to be vigilant to keep it in the forefront of what was going on in my life. Don't get me wrong, there was certainly times when my tanks were dangerously low. At those times I just reach down for all I was worth and filled them. Slowly sometimes but consistently working to put back.

This is a journey for me. I find new things each day that helps me. Seeing the splendor of what God created, sending a note to someone or making a call, giving service to someone in need, reading uplifting material, smiling, eating well and getting enough rest. Many more things are available and can be incorporated. I never think, 'Oh this is going to build my spiritual tank', but I know when I do something and I feel better it is working.

Preparing for Nicole's surgery tomorrow. Getting items together we both will need as she will be staying 4-5 days if all goes well. She is having revisions on several areas as well a skin graph on her left arm. Dr. Morris indicated this surgery will be several hours. I pray all goes well.

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Leesa said...

Sounds like you did well on your talk. :)
You're in my thoughts!!