Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 187

I wonder.....

I wonder about so many things everyday. Like......

How many colors are there in the world?
Why may favorite cookie is Chocolate Chip with Walnuts.

Where do all the seashells go when nothing is living in them anymore?
What would I do without the gospel of Jesus Christ?
Why was I born at this time of the world and not in pioneer times? (Well, I do know that one. I am not as strong as they are.)
Why do I get such a thrill swinging on the swings at the park?

I also wonder why am I blessed beyond measure? Stuff happens, oh well. When stuff happens I try to think, 'What can I learn from this?' Usually the stuff that happens is growing, learning and testing experiences. I use them in future times to deal with the other stuff that happens. I am glad stuff happens.


pj said...

you were born during this era of time instead of pioneer times because you are stronger....


Angi said...

OOOHHH, Thanks. Sometimes I wonder. Think about when they were driven out of their homes int eh night and the winter and had no shoes or coats. Or walked for miles and miles. Or What about all the conflict and trials. I hope I am at least as strong as they are.