Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 197

I just couldn't stand my pantry one more day. I couldn't find anything, there were out dated items and things were falling off the shelves. So, I just jumped in with both feet.

9 am started taking items out of the pantry. I can't believe how much junk is in here. Out dated chips, crackers, soup even. Sad to see all of this thrown out. I also just bought some oatmeal. When cleaning I found 2 boxes of the same oatmeal I just bought. What?! I did find yummy cookies that I thought were already eaten. Bonus! I also made a list of everything that I saved so I know what is there and what I can make a meal out of.

1:30 finally finished but the cleaning bug was not out of me. So I moved on to the spice cupboard. That was a two hour job. You may be wondering why 2 hours? Well, I have many, many spices and other items I add to spice things up. Everything is finally back in alphabetical order. I know, I am neurotic about that kind of stuff. I also made a list of what is there too.

3:30 moving on to the other cupboards. I can't believe how much I am getting done today. Arranging and re-arranging.

5:45 I realized I haven't made dinner. Oh yeah, we have leftovers. Chicken Parmesan with fettuccine Alfredo. Awesome! Christian made the Alfredo sauce. One of his best. He is quite the chef.

So nice to have all of that taken care of. I can't wait to start on the food storage tomorrow as well as the freezer.


Katie said...

Wow Angi! Could you pass some of that cleaning bug on to me? I'm not sure I've ever experienced that before :) I'm tired just reading everything you did.

twallweber said...

"WAY TO GO GIRL"I am so glad to see you in the Organizing,purging,de-cluttering,garage sale MIND-FRAME!It will make your life so much easier & enjoyable.Hope you can get the kids & John on board!When you clean out the freezer you may find some"cold cash".Don't forget we have some of your stuff in our freezer!
Really proud of "you"

Angi said...

Tim-I knew you would be proud. John is on board too. We were just talking about it yesterday how he is purging at the office. I think hte cash was already found, but maybe not. Freeing I tell you, FREEING.
Love you guys.