Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 195

Another early morning. Today is the day Christian has his tilt table test to see if the diagnosis is for sure. No food or drink after midnight. Christian has never had to do that before. He and I went to IMC for this test. They asked us to be there at 8am. We arrived on time, waited for 5 minutes in the waiting room before going back to the testing area where we waited 2 hours before they even got things rolling.

The actual test only last 10 minutes, it was the setting up that took the longest. IV, ART line, medication. Once all was in place the test began. Unfortunately the test was negative. I couldn't believe it and neither could the doctor. We thought for sure this was it.

We are not back at square one but we are several steps backwards. Christian will be put back on the monitor and he will need to try to get himself to pass out so they can capture it again. They will be looking for signs for a possible pacemaker. That is not something to look forward to but if this all ends bring it on.

I know he is pretty sick of all the tests, poking and prodding. He is my healthy child. He is the one who doesn't really get sick, only had a broken finger and a torn tendon. Oh how I hope they find something soon.

It was nice to spend the entire day together but I wish it was for different reasons.

God, give us some answers, please.

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