Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 236

Surgery day.

I feel very calm about this surgery today. I wonder if it because we have already been through so many other things that this one doesn't seem so big.

Our vehicle is still in the shop so John took Nicole and I to the hospital and then went back to treat a few patients. I know he wishes he was here with me but we all have our jobs in life and this is mine.

The surgeon said it would only take about an hour so when an hour passed and no one came out I started watching my watch. 1 hour 45 minutes later he emerged. All smiles.
That is a good sign. For the most part things went well. Her gallbladder had a corkscrew part to it so it wasn't able to drain. That was part of her problem. The duodenum was also partially blocked. He indicated it was a good thing we didn't wait.

Nicole woke up well and was walking in 20 minutes. 3 vitals taken 15 minutes apart and we were on our way home. The fastest surgery, recovery we have ever had. I hope it continues.

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