Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 235

Nicole and I went to see a surgeon about her gallbladder.

Dr. Davis

I liked him right off the bat. Mostly because he doesn't think surgery is the end all beat all to everyone's problems. I am for that. Also, i liked him because he talked right to Nicole. Sometimes doctors ignore her and try to talk only to me. I hate that.

He showed us the test results and pictures. He explained very thoroughly all that was going on which is something is blocking her gallbladder but it isn't stones and it can not function like it needs to. He also explained that people who have been on feeding tubes for extended periods of time usually need their gallbladder out. I kind of knew that already.

He told us she could wait a while but it would have to come out. Nicole and I talked about it and decided that if that was the end result that we might as well just do it as soon as possible. So we scheduled for tomorrow.

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