Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 225

Happy Half Birthday to Sweet Nicole.

Nicole was in a coma on her birthday, July 30, 2009. John and I took a birthday cake to burn ICU with balloons and sang Happy Birthday to her. Then we shared he cake with the night staff. We told her when she woke up and was well again we would celebrate her birthday. Today was that day.

I arranged with her adult girl cousins and a few friends to meet us at Color-Me-Mine in Draper at 10am. Nicole had no clue. We had been talking about doing something for her birthday. She wanted to have everyone come and paint with us so I told her the next time Beth (a cousin) was in town we would do that.

This morning I woke early and started getting ready. I asked Nicole if she wanted to run some errands with me. I was sure she would say yes. One of the errands was going to be to Color-Me-Mine to see if they could help me fix a bowl I had painted there in December.

Out the door at 10 minutes to ten. I was late. As we pulled up no one was there yet. That was good. Nicole saw Valentine pieces in the window and got excited. She wanted to go in and see what she might be able to paint and hoping maybe we could come back later today to accomplish that. Perfect!

While she was looking at different pieces in walked 3 cousins. Emily, Bethany and Alicia. Nicole was distracted so I called her name. When she looked over she was first caught off guard like, "What are they doing here". Then I said, "We are having a party!!" She was so excited. Next came Callie, Nicole's mutual buddy. Followed closely by Christian bearing green balloons, Nicole's favorite color, and cake from Nothing Bundt Cake. So good.

Each person choose something to paint and the artistic juices started flowing. We had so much fun talking and asking for each others advice on what we should do. Tons of talent we all have. I can't wait to see the finished products.

We were sorry to miss Tiffany, Danielle, Audrey, Natalie and Ashley. All who couldn't make it.

When we were finished we broke out the cake and sang Happy Birthday to Sweet Nicole. Also, Christian picked up individual bundt cakes for each person to take home. One of each flavor so they could choose their favorite.

Thanks to all who came to make this a special day for Nicole.


Nikki said...

How fun is that! What a great mom you are Angi! It looks like so much fun!

Sarah Carlston said...

OH....I so wish I was there with everyone....and wishing we could share sugar :)

Happy 1/2 bday Nicole!

Angi said...

Nikki, It was so fun. Sarah, Sharing sugar would be the topping of the cake. You would have had so much fun with us. Such a mice day with the adult cousins and of course..Ellie and Sammy. You just can't see them.

4kelligirl said...

Angi, you think of everything. So many nice things you do for others brings smiles to faces, excitement and joy into hearts. Nicole looks so happy.

You are one of a kind!