Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 226

Happy Valentines Day!

I am so glad we celebrated Valentines day with John when he was here last time. I was sad to not have my Valentine to wake up to but happy that we were able to share those moments a few weeks ago.

I was texting John this morning and telling him I missed him.

"I miss waking up to you in the morning or even when I wake up a zillions times in the night, I wish I could roll over next to you for warmth, comfort and snuggling."


Church was amazing today. I just have to say it. Our ward is so welcoming. Almost every person says hello or smiles at everyone else. The love and friendship in this ward is refreshing.

I was so happy when I read the Sunday school lesson and what it was going to be about. I have wanted to learn more about the Abrahamic Covenant. What a great lesson. So many things to learn and remember. And Relief Society.....lesson on Christ. Beautiful!!

I came home from Church today filled to the rim. Our home was quite when I walked in. Nicole was asleep as she had gone home after Sacrament meeting to rest. I love the spirit that fills our home and what I gleaned at church just added to it.

Tonight we are having dinner with my parents at their home. Nicole each week says we need to visit them more. We have tried to stop by there at least once a week when we are coming back from the 'U' although most of the time Nicole is so tired from PT that she just wants to go home and have a rest. John's mom is also on our way but it seems like when Nicole has her appointments they are at times that she is not home or with other grand-kids. Hoping to make a visit with her real soon.

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