Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 231

Nicole was scanned today for a new face mask. It was quite exciting. They put a digital receiver on her forehead and then they took a machine and starting form the top of her forehead and running it down to her throat with each swipe it digitized her face and put it up on the screen. Kind of sci-fi.

After each swipe more and more of her face appeared. What a great way to do it. It used to be that when they wanted to make a face mask for someone they actually made a plaster mold of their face and poured resin in and then molded the plastic over that. This is much better.

In about a week Nicole will have her new mask. I hope it is better and more comfortable then the one she has now. More comfort I hope translates into wearing it more. Nicole's chin and cheeks are getting thicker so the new mask will help reduce the scaring and make it thinner as well as smoother.

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