Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 227

I am sitting here reviewing the last week in my mind eating red velvet cake and drinking pure nutrition, my green drink. It all balances out since I am having my green drink.

Christian and I went in to his doctor this past week to have some things checked again. Dr. T is stumped still. He is running a few more tests and if these come back negative he wants us to go to Mayo or Cleveland Clinic. His thoughts, "We have not seen this before and if we haven't then maybe they have seen 5 or 10 cases and can get to the bottom of it." Caviot: He told us too that it could cost an upwards of $100,000. Why does everything have to cost so much money?

(This cake is divine.)

Wednesday, Nicole had a endoscope preformed. Remember 2 weeks ago when Nicole couldn't breath? This is a procedure to see if they can detect why that happened. No results in yet. I am not even sure if they will be able to tell. Personally I think it is a little flap that got stuck when all the air came whooshing out. I guess we will see.

She is also having test done on her liver again. There is more inflammation. I wonder if this liver thing will linger for years or if as time goes by it will resolve itself. I hope the latter. For once I want something easy.

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4kelligirl said...

I know this is an uneducated neighbor had her heart stop during a surgical procedure. They finally figured out that she had a Congenital Brain Disorder and she had to have a pacemaker implanted in her chest. Thirty five years ago, her 3-yr. old little boy was playing outside and he passed out and died. They were never given a reason...but after her episode, Pat thinks he may have had a Congenital Brain Disorder as well, hereditarily passed on to him by her. I know it's a L O N G shot. The anxiety of the unknown is so stressful. I love you all!