Wednesday, April 28, 2010

He knows me....

I look at her face, silently she looks back at me. Looking deep into my eyes as I look into hers. No words are exchanged nor do they need to be.

I feel the love eminating from her very being. I hope she feels my love for her. I kiss her nose and it wrinkles. A giggle slips from her throat while a smile spreads across her face.

Brushing back stray hair that has fallen onto her forehead I press a kiss to her brow. Warmth spreads into my lips.

As I rub her back to ease the pain I search my mind for anything that may come to it to help her. Quietly, prayers slip from my own lips pleading for God to ease her pain and in turn ease mine.

I am so blessed. Blessed because I know Heavenly Father hears my pleas. He may not answer me at this moment but I know He is listening and He will.

Things are complicated right now. He knows this is hard for me. "It is a refiners fire" I hear Him whisper so quiet it is barely audible. My heart quickens as I recall other times when I have heard these exact words.

"I know this is what you have layed out for me but Father, when will it end?" I listen. Nothing. I knew there would be no answer yet. He knows I am a fighter. He knows I can do it. He knows and in turn I know because He wouldn't just let me deal with this if He knew I couldn't handle it. He knows me better than I know me.

I am grateful He knows me.

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