Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Church Training Video

I wish I had some pictures for this post.

Today, I went to welfare square and was in a film for training others who are going to go to the cannery whether here in Utah or other parts of the world.

It was really a lot of fun. Each scene depicted some aspect of cannery safety for example: wearing ear plugs. Even washing our hands. My favorite was when we changed our shoes. We were asked to bring shoes that were not appropriate to wear to the cannery. I brought flip flops. It was so funny because those of us with the wrong kind of shoes were given rubber boots to wear. I know that is not funny. the funny part is they were about 10 sizes to big and that would be even more hazardous then the flip flops.

I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to serve at the cannery today to make this film. There was a sign on the wall that stated the time you spent at the cannery was likened to the time spent in the temple.

I hope everyone gets a chance to serve at the cannery. It is an awesome place to help the temporal needs of others.

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