Thursday, April 15, 2010

Clean Garage

Well....I have had it in my mind to clean the garage for months. Biding my time for the weather to be clear and warm. Today is the day!! 75 degrees.

Christian and I with the help of Christian's friend Junior took everything out of the garage. As each item was taken out it was put in one of 3 piles. Deseret Industries, Dump or back to the garage.

After sweeping, cleaning the floors and putting together gorilla shelves Christian and Junior organized each shelf. Shelves for garden stuff, shelves for tools, even shelves for all the Powerade Christian drinks.

I was surprised how fast everything went. Christian was on a mission. He was happy John wasn't around to keep every little thing.

As soon as we had the shelves done the boys switched out my washer and dryer. Boy, was I happy to have my washer and dryer hooked up. We have had a washer and dryer but it was a smaller capacity set. It sure makes a difference.

Now I can get 2 cars in the 2 car side. The third car garage still has a few things from my Uncle's home that is awaiting distribution to relatives, consignment and my parents home. When that is done all 3 cars will fit perfectly. I don't think in all my years we have had 3 cars fit in a 3 car garage.

Goes to show when you put your mind to de-junking your life, miracles can happen.

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