Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 4 of a much needed break

Cozumel...Just the name is intriguing.

Cozumel is an island in the Caribbean sea off the coast of Mexico. The scenery is breathe taking. The waters are an unimaginable color of blue. The water is so clear you can see forever into the depths of the ocean.

There is much to do here. Scuba diving, Snorkeling, Caving, Kite surfing and there are 2 Dolphinariums, one of which we visited today.

The place sits right in the ocean. There are several areas where the dolphins swim. They have trainers also and we did an encounter with 2 trainers. All 8 of us participated in this amazing adventure.

First, we climbed down into the ocean area where the dolphins were swimming. We lined up on this steel deck that was underwater. The trainers gave us instructions of the do's and don'ts while in the cove. The very first thing the dolphins did was swim very close to us so we could all feel its slippery skin. Next, by twos we swam out and a dolphin swam to us and we could hold it in the water. That was awesome. (BTW, I may say awesome 100 times in this post because everything was awesome).

Have you ever kissed a dolphin or had one kiss you? Well I know can say I have. What a sweet experience. 

By twos we swam out further but not close to each other and one dolphin came up behind us and either pulled us while we held onto their dorsal fin or with our legs locked they pushed us with their noses on our feet so fast that we actually came up out of the water. Now that was AWESOME!

At one point one of the make dolphins swam into our area for a little nooky. We had to stay on the platform as they can get very aggressive and they swim by so fast while this is occurring they didn't want anyone to get hurt, That was crazy,

Near the end of our encounter one of our trainers had Christian and Amanda play a game with the Dolphins. She had these floating rings that she had them throw out and the dolphins hooked them on the noses to bring them back. Well, Christian's didn't do her job but Amanda's did and brought hers back to her. Hooked to Amanda's was a cup with a lid and the trainer ask Amanda to open the cup up and take out the contents. She struggled with it for a few minutes but it finally opened. She thought it was going to be a treat for the dolphin but instead it was a treat for her. Inside was an engagement ring. Christian proposed with us all there looking on. It was wonderful.

Trying to get this proposal all arranged was quite the feat. Little secret meetings with the purser and then meeting with our tour guide and handing over the ring to someone we didn't know. Meeting with security at the encounter so we could get them our movie camera to film the proposal. All things that caused Amanda strife and anxiety and wondering why Christian was disappearing several times. But in the end it was all worth it.

She said YES!!!

Upon arriving back to our state rooms the room steward had decorated their room with things we had brought with us. Hearts, balloons, streamers and confetti. Still on a high from the proposal this just added to it. With a  happy engagement cake Nicole made arrangements to be brought to dinner to help us all celebrate, this couldn't have ended up any better. Welcome to the family Amanda.
We LOVE you.

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