Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Our New Years Eve

I have not really kept up with how Nicole has been and her progress the past couple of years. I guess in light of last night this is as good a time as any.
While John and I were packing up to drive to KS, Nicole's leg looked more swollen and was more painful. I had taken her into the Burn Unit for a check on her leg a few weeks ago as it was very swollen, red, hot and painful. The nurse practitioner said all was well even though it looked like cellulitis to me. (No, I am not a Dr. but I am the mom and I have very good intuition.) John and I agreed I should take her to the U and have it looked at.
The ER Dr confirmed that it was cellulitis and immediately started her on IV antibiotics. Cellulitis can be a dangerous thing. I wanted to rant and scream about the nurse practitioner but I didn't although when they asked me why I hadn't brought her in to have it looked at I told them what happened with the nurse practitioner and I had felt at the time it was cellulitis but was dismissed. This Dr. was so nice. Listened to all I had to say and in the end said "Mothers know best". Yup. I whole heartedly agree!
Well, 3 IV bags of antibiotics as well as being sent home with oral antibiotics and hopefully this will get under control without too much more to do. She will need to be seen every few days to make sure we are on the up and not sliding back again.

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