Saturday, January 26, 2013

Much needed break

Yesterday Nicole's friend McKenzie flew into Wichita to spend a week in the sun with us. Nicole picked her up and the immediately went for some girl time....Tips and Toes. Mani / Pedi is a great way to kick of a fun vacation.
We love McKensie. She has been Nicole's friend for about 2 and a half years. McKensie was assigned to Nicole as her buddy at Special Needs Mutual. Even though she was only Nicole's buddy one year they have remained friends and periodically do things together.
We left after work last night to drive to New Orleans to meet up with Christian, Amanda and Amanda's parents, Sherry and Paul. We are all going on a cruise together. They actually flew in last Wednesday and enjoy Mardi Gras before hand and we are going to enjoy it after the cruise as well as THE SUPER BOWL!!!. Of course, John and I are happy about the Super Bowl this year as our favorite team is playing...49ers baby! They will play the Ravens. It will be a great match up. I hope we prevail.
The drive was seriously stupid. The first time Mapquest has let us down. We followed the directions exactly but instead of it taking us 8 hrs it took us 15 hrs and we were seriously frantic about whether or not we would miss the boat. Well, we didn't but we didn't have too much time to spare. When we return we will drive over to Dallas and head North. It can't be any longer and we can see some familiar terrain.
Let the fun begin!

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