Friday, May 21, 2010

Rolling Hills Wildlife Park

This wildlife park is amazing.

First there is a 64,000 square foot museum takes you around the world to experience the delicate symmetry between humans, animals and nature in seven unique regions from the arctic to the rain forest. When you first walk into the museum it’s just after sunrise, and even before you see the gathering pride of lions, you hear the birds and other sounds of the African plains.

They have a state-of-the-art animatronic human robots narrate stories of how they weave the thread of their existence into the delicate balance of life. As you move through the varieties of foliage and landscaping, you’ll see and hear the natural environments of each section of our world.

There are many areas that show different areas of the planet. You will see the wilderness with animals and their habitat as well as Indian tribes and how they live.

Next you enter the zoo area. 105 different species of animals. They have done a fantastic job of building habitats conducive to the animal. We practically had the park to ourselves. School was still in session and this park is not in a city so it is not the end of the year field trip like a lot of zoos are.

When we entered into the ape area we came across an orangutan. She sure took a liking to John. As soon as john came into the house she came directly to the glass and smiled at him. I think she stayed there for 20 minutes. We left before she ever left.

There were 3 HUGE tortoises. I know People have seem tortoises before but these were so wonderful. Especially when we found out they were over 100 years old.

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