Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jay's Wedding

Many times in our lives we take kids under our wings. We mentor them, we give them advice, we worry about them, we laugh with them and share their joy.

This is a joy we have looked forward to share.

Jay was Christian's best friend in Wichita. Christian and Jay did everything together. Their love of cars blossomed in our garage where they tore down engines, put on brakes, redid carburetors.

Jay was like one of my own. He was often at our dinner table or spending the night. When praying for our own children we often prayed for their friends, Jay being prayed for many times.

One Spring break John took Christian and Jay to Utah - Canyonlands - to four wheel. What fun they had. It was Jays first experience to go to some of the most beautiful land in the country and dig into so serious Jeeping. They all had a blast.

Here it is, Jay is all grown up and marrying his college sweetheart, Jen.

Of course we went to Kansas City to witness this wonderful event especially since Christian was in the wedding party.

Sitting in the church watching the event unfold my eyes filled with tear. I felt as though one of my own was getting married. I also was proud of him. Proud of his choice, proud of the way he grew up and how he has turned out and so glad I played a small part in it.

Congrats Jay and Jen. Have a wonderful life.

Dinner and Dancing followed and great time was had for all as you can see. Christian and Cortnee really had a great time. I don't think they left the dance floor once.

You know the movie Top Gun? You know the part where Maverick and Goose sing 'You've got that lovin' feelin'? Here is Christian and another guy singing that song to Jen. It was Awesome. (I wish I had sound)

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