Monday, May 3, 2010

Beautiful Drive

On our way from Utah to Kansas yesterday we encountered a ginormous storm in Colorado. Vail Pass was closed and the sheriff was turning cars around. We usually don't leave much leeway time on our drive to Kansas so this was going to pose a huge problem for us to get to Wichita in time for patients Monday morning.

We pulled out the map to look over our options. Not too far west on the I-70 we spy Hwy 24 to Leadville which connects to Hwy 91 to Copper Mnt. Looks good to us. We have found a new route. We pull over to say a prayer asking for guidance and protection and then off we go.

The first town we come to looks very similar to Park City BEFORE the craze. Quaint and secluded. We passed over a frozen lake and drove some of the most beautiful mountain passes we have ever seen.

We came around a bend and right ahead of us was an expansion bridge. Amazing.

We also passed the headwaters of the Arkansas River. Not much to look at considering not too far away (about 100 miles) this river is wide and rushing toward Kansas. As those of us know in Wichita it is not much to look at but those who live in Colorado know different.

It is snowing quite hard and the road is packed with snow. It is the beautiful snow that is bluish colored. Not much further and we reach Copper Mnt. We know the I-70 is right here.

John and I were very happy we made the detour around the pass to see this amazing road leading to more amazing landscape. I wish I had my camera with me to capture the huge evergreens capped with fresh powder, the rivers we went over and their newly painted rocks and banks and the amazing expansion bridge.

One day, soon I hope, we will take the detour again just to snap a few photos to remember our little adventure.

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Valerie said...

Sometimes the little detours bring the biggest delights! Glad you saw the beauty!