Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tallgrass Prairie Reserve

Next on or travels we continued north and stopped at the Tallgrass Prairie Reserve. What a fantastic place. It is a home site as well as a preserve for the Tallgrasses of Kansas.

This home was one of the grandest West of the Mississippi at the time. If you were to visit this family and drove up in your wagon you would drive up to the front of the home which was approx. 45 feet actually from the front door. You then would proceed up several grand stairs on different levels to the front door. This home is 3 levels. Some of the most fascinating things to take note of is this home has 2 living areas, one for the men and one for the women. It also has a HUGE Kitchen area. Any woman this day and age would be envious of it. It actually is almost the whole bottom floor.

This sight has many out buildings. An outdoor kitchen that also served as a laundry area and a place to tan hides. Their outhouse was quite the structure. It had windows with drapery's and 3 places to sit. One for him, one for her and one for the daughter. I was surprised to see they each needed their own spot.

Our fascination was the barn though. It was 4 levels. From the side nearest the home the barn looked like 3 levels but from the other side it was 4. The first level which seemed like a basement housed the animals. The main level housed the farming equipment as well as buggies, 3rd level was intriguing. They could drive the wagons up a ramp to this level, unload it and then drive down another ramp. From there they would take the supplies and hay to the top level.

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