Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Today we cruised the inside passage. Amazing! Quaint little villages, fishing boats, scenery scenery, scenery. WOW! Our ship cruised into Vancouver Harbour early in the morning. The sun peaking over the mountains shed rays of beauty on the harbour. The skyline of Vancouver with Stanley Park in the foreground looks like it is growing out of the trees.

This light house was the first light house to welcome mariners into the harbour. It is situated near the bridge and also is part of Stanley Park.

Stanley Park..... I love this park. There is a huge totem pole display at Brockton Point. It is the most visited attraction in all of Britich Columbia.

Walking the SEA WALL in the park is soothing. It is Along the walking paths are ferns so deep you could get lost in them. 5.5 miles long and is very scenic.

As we came into the harbour we went under this bridge. Quite a feat to behold. This bridge is massive. Not like Golden Gate or Bay bridges but massive just the same.

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