Monday, June 1, 2009

Juneau-Whale Watching

On to Juneau. John and I had signed up to go whale watching today. So exciting. We had to get up EARLY! Much earlier than I was expecting. Off the ship at 6:30. We boarded our bus for a short sightseeing tour and then on to the cruiser. Our tour guide was a college student from Oregon. She was just 21 and had just recieved her CDL. She joked about how she could drive the bus better backwards then foreward. Our cruiser boat got us out into the bay pretty fast. Our guides were very knowledgable and answered many questions that everyone had. They told us to look for spray in the air. That was whale breath. We saw humpbacks and Orcas, Sea Lions and Sea Otters. We even saw 2 Bald Eagles.


scraps said...

What a great trip you are on! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Angi said...

Your welcome. i am glad you like them. It was an amazing trip.