Thursday, June 4, 2009


We docked on a bright and sunny day. GORGEOUS! Couldn't have asked for a better day. When you get off the ship in Ketchican you are RIGHT in town.

Of course the touristy shops are right there but it is a short walk to the REAL town. It is very "quaint". Well worth the walk around.

There is a totem pole walking tour with plaques that tell about each one.

We attended a Lumberjack show. It was really fun. They divide the audience into 2 groups and each group cheers for a differant team. I am sure you have seen the Lumberjack guys on TV. It is just like that.

They have log rolling

Log climbing


Log sawing

All the events were fun. After the show John and I walked down the the marina and looked at all the sail boats. The water is so blue here. Who wouldnt' want to be out sailing on it.

While out walking John and I came across this sign. So apropos.

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