Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Palm Springs Aerial Tram

John and I arrived in Palm Springs, CA Tuesday morning. Bright sunny day.

We are here for a conferance called JOURNEY. (more on that later) Last year John came to Plam Springs and took the tram. He called me from the top and described how beautiful it was up there. He told me,"next year when we bothare here we will come together". True to his promise the first thing we did was ride the tram.
First everyone get into the tram. It is ROUND and it also spins around so everyone gets to see all the views. Away we go.

It is the 2nd steepest tram in the world.

These towers are so high. The yellow square pads on top are landing zones for helicopters to land. They carry maintanance people to work on the tram lines. I can't imagine landing on one of those tiny pads and then getting out of the helicoper to work on something.

As you are climbing up the mountian, you see amazing views of Palm Springs and surrounding areas. The mountains are made up mostly of granite.

Once on top there are 14,000 acres of land that is now a state park. In the winter you can snowshoe, cross country ski, sled or just have a good ol' fashion snowball fight. In the summer, many more oppertunities are available. you can apply for a permit for camping, there are MANY hiking trails, short, long and in between. Nature hikes with a guide and ranger school. Wild life abounds. Lizards, all kinds of birds including bald eagles, bears, cougars and fallow dear.

The elevation is about 8000 feet. When we got on the tram it was 90 degrees. When we go to the top it was 53 degrees. I wish I had a jacket.
From this pinacle you can see out across the valley.

When it is sunny like today you can see the Salton Trough. It is the largest expanse of land below sea level in the western hemisphere. This 140 mile ong depression is the northern extension of the ocean filled valley that is now called the Gulf of California. The Salton Sea was formed from 1905-1907 when the Colorado River broke through irrigation canals leading into the trough. Unlike prehistoric lakes that existed here and then dried up, the Salton Sea still existes and continues to rise each year due to run off. It was made by the Colorado River breaking through its banks and forming this sea. This inland sea is 50 percent saltier than the ocean.
(The middle to the pic where the clouds meet the first line of blue...that blue is the Salton Sea.)

This tree is shaped this way because of the high winds up here. The branches all grow away form the wind.

We met our friends, Kim and Shaun Miller here. Shaun and John came here last year together and they both wanted their wives to experiance this amazing area with them this time.

Today was kind of cloudy. Check out this picture. It is of the SUN through the clouds. It was so awesome.

I am so glad I came up here. It is truely a gift form God.

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scraps said...

I did the tram thing over 30 years ago, it is a beautiful sight. When we went it was hot, about 90 degrees as you said and very cold with snow on the ground, I was glad I carried my coat that day. Glad you are having fun!